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rental conditions

additional guests

Beach House sleeps 12; Shela House sleeps 9; Palm House 9 and Garden House 6 (4 adults, 2 children).

Additional guests are charged extra, max total 14 in Beach House and 11 in Shela House. Please confirm rates when booking.

full board

Full board is €50 per day, per person, €25 for children under 12. Alcoholic beverages are not included.

Free laundry service included in full board rental

self catering

The self-catering facility allows clients to supply funds to the house cook, who will then do all the shopping and cooking. Menus can be requested and discussed. Expenditure is recorded in a book, which clients settle and sign off before departure.

flight reservations and transfers

Reservations for connecting flights from Nairobi can be organised through our office.

One Manda airstrip to Shela return boat transfer is included in the rental price.

reservations, confirmations and cancellations

Please contact our office with your requested dates or simply use the booking form and we will advise you on availability. An invoice will be forwarded to you and your booking confirmed on receipt of a 25% deposit of the rent quoted. After sending the invoice, we allow for two weeks to receive the deposit. If we do not hear anything after two weeks, we will be obliged to give the dates out to the next request.

On receipt of your 25% deposit, we will send you a confirmation and a statement. The balance of the rental is due 40 calendar days before arrival in Lamu.

Cancellation fees are 25% up to 40 days before arrival, 75% up to 21 days before arrival and 100% after 21 days before arrival.

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